Future Meetings 2021

Tuesday 21 September-Pamela Galloway ‘How did I get here

Tuesday 19 October -on Tour Demonstrator -Elizabeth Goldwyn Bishop-‘Colour my World’

Tuesday 16 November-On Tour Demonstrator-Derek Morgan-‘In the Frame’

Tuesday 14 December-Hazel McLeod-Title ‘tbc

Future Meetings 2022

Tuesday 15 February-AGM-Grace Black-Title ‘tbc

Tuesday 15 March-Sandra Halkett-‘The Glory of the Garden’

Tuesday 19 April-Karen Buckley-‘Mary Quant’

Tuesday 17 May-Steve Ludlam-‘Glad to be Back

Tuesday 20 September-Regina O’Regan-‘It was only a Whisper

Tuesday 18 October-Christine McAlpine-‘My Bucket List’

Tuesday 15 November-Louise Littlejohn-‘ It’s a Jungle out There’

Tuesday 13 December-Karine Murray-‘Christmas Joy’