It’s only a few days until the Annual Summer Flower Show and time to be assembling exhibits for displaying on Friday 16th August. It helps to send a list of early entries via e mail but this is not essential unless taking part in the floral art section. Do check the printed schedule as different classes may have been introduced and familiar classes omitted. When submitting any entry form all exhibitors will be asked to give consent for photographs to appear in any media publicity. The society is trying to reach a wider audience and gain more members and so co-operation in this matter would be appreciated.
It may be that planning is required to decide when is best to cut blooms, harvest fruits and lift vegetables to avoid any showers given our most recent weather pattern however all other competitors will be in the same position too so do not despair. Entries will be accepted from 5pm to 11pm on Friday and in a brief window from 8am to 8.30am on the Saturday.
It is always a fun time to meet up on the Saturday afternoon and chat with fellow competitors , many of whom will not have been seen at other times in the year. There will be the usual selection of home baking available to indulge in prior to prize giving which takes place at 4pm.
As always helpers to dismantle the hall will be welcomed. It is an integral part of show day and this part can also be great fun.

See you at the weekend!

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